Maxviton Drops

MRP - Rs. 85.00 Pack - 30ML

Ensure Physical & Mental Health
Vitamin A, B, D & E with Zinc

Each 1 ml. Contains :
Vitamin A (as palpitate) IP 2500 IU
Vitamin B1 IP 0.5 mg.
Vitamin B2 IP 0.5 mg.
Sodium Phosphate IP 0.5 mg.
Vitamin D3 IP 200 IU
Nicotinamide IP 5 mg.
D. Penthanol IP 1.5 mg.
Vitamin E ( as acetate ) IP 2.5 mg.
Zinc Sulphate IP 2.5 mg.

Vitamin A – Promotes Visual Function
Vitamin B – Improves Metabolism & Provides Energy
Vitamin D – Enhance Calcium & Phosphorus absorption
Vitamin E – Strengthens the Immune System
Zinc – Protection from Recurrent Infections

Powerful Formulation for Healthy Future

Indications :-
Adjuvant to Antibiotic
Nutritional Deficiency

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